Sunday, May 17, 2015

Get The Look | Chartreuse And Orange | Modern Day COOL

Is  This to DIE for or what!!!!  I found this FABulous Room at Lushhome
I absolutely LOVE the pops of chartreuse green and orange!!!  Can we say SWOON!!!! 

All we need are the right accessories, to create an INSTANT update to ANY space.  Most of the time we can use our exiting furniture:)  Yay!

LOVE the graphics of this rug!!!

I'm usually not a big ORANGE lover, BUT I can sure dig on this FAB Spicy orange:)

Words just cant express the LOVE I have for the x-bench

Funky Cool, I'm diggen it!!

So there you have it, another Modern Day Cool design!  See you soon!!  xo ~Catz

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Breezy Coastal "Get The Look" DIY Interior Design

Get The Look
 Breezy Coastal

The FABULOUS art by Ora Birenbaum, is the PURFECT inspiration for a breezy coastal space.  The teal, light blue, set against a white backdrop spells MEOW, in my little world!! What I LOVE most is that the overall vibe of this room , does NOT scream beachy, BUT whispers tropical paradise!   Be sure to check all of Ora's incredible work here ,it's divine!!  

So here are my "Get The Look"finds for this incredibly LOVELY space

Dont be Matchy Matchy, mix it up, to create a uniquely YOU space!!

Ora's FABulous art!!  Here is my view, focus on budget friendly items, with the pillows, what nots, etc.!  INVEST in pcs that are timeless, which includes original art!  

Again mix the tables up, this one comes in Teal......yuh baby!!!

The PURfect throw, wouldnt say:)  

Found these FAB woven x-bench stools, Can we say MEOW!!

And last but certainly not least, this way cool teal modern chevron pillow!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by!!  Until we meet again, xo ~Catz

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Accent Chairs For UNDER $250

I'm sitting here in our new apartment, admiring the panoramic view!!  Chattanooga is such  a beautiful city!  The Tennessee River weaves its ways through the city, and  the glorious Lookout and Signal  mountains, as its glorious backdrop!  OMGoodness...heaven on earth!!  It's officially Spring ya'll and I have found some wonderful accent chairs that wont break the bank!!  Can we say LESS than $250!!!  Now here is my viewpoint.  In my designs I usually direct my clients in staying with a neutral backdrop (being furniture, rugs, all those $$ items) , then bringing our preferred color in with the art and accessories.  I do have an exception to the rule though.  When you can find BUDGET friendly accent pieces like these chairs.....I say GO FOR IT!  You will definitely get your money's worth and then some!  When you get ready for a change, the money you have invested has been minimum so it's OK and you feel confident to move forward, right:) !!  So IF you would like to add more WOW to your design, this is the way to go!  Let's take a looksy at the goodies.  Wayfair is one of my Preferred Vendors.  They have an incredible product line, AND  EXCEPTIONAL  customer service.  In addition, most of their stuff ships FREE....

I couldn't resist the lime green, blues, and of course my signature accent of Black and White!!! 

The Striped Black and White

 Striped Chair

Basil Velvet
need I say more??

Black and White Floral

Madison Park Slipper Chair

Faux Hide Chair Anyone

A Twist Of Modern

Sloped Arm

Spyder Chair

Geometric Club Chair

Jayden Club Chair

Well I hope you found something for your home:)  For now, until we meet again!!  xoxo ~Catz

Sunday, April 12, 2015

E-Design "The Not So New" Affordable Way To Decorate

Step 1
The client sends pictures of the space.

Step 2 "My Suggested Design"

We collaborate and determine design items for the space. I recreate a general rendering of the room, and place them into the space.  .

Step 3 "The Install"

I am available to the client, for questions until the design is installed.  

As you can see, this client made a few changes in the space, which are FABulous, I might add!!  The beauty in this design concept, is that you CAN be flexible, on the accessories, etc., because you have the blueprint in HOW to make it work!  EasyPeasy design by Blondiesloft.      

xoxo ~Catz

Friday, September 13, 2013

Current Day Shabby Chic Home Decor

Elise Valdorcia © all rights reserved Baroque  furnitures & objects designer
I'm a little late in posting, this weeks Designer vignette. BUT, I do believe, it will be worth the wait.  Is this Entry vignette, gorgeous or what?  I found this photo, from Elise Valdorcia.  Take a minute, and check her website out;  She is an AMAZING artist, from France!  If you  love Shabby Chic, you will love her site! 

Ok, back to this Entry, what's not to love??!!  The  GLORIOUS stone wall, the  fabulous aged mirror, adorned with the incredible finial post and frame!   The wonderful cherub , perched on this incredibly beautiful Queen Anne table! OMGoodness, It just makes my heart go pitter patter:) ...swoon:)

Well ,we all know what antiques cost, right?  For me, it's just not in my budget:))  I have to get REALLY creative, because "I want, what I want",  and by darn, I'm gonna have it!  SO,  let's do this:)

Here is my interpretation, of a Current day Shabby Chic Entry, that is affordable, for most.  What do you think?  Mind you, we are not in Italy or France, where these wonderful stone walls stand everywhere.  Nor is it easy to find these incredible decorative pieces, that wont cost us a fortune!   BUT, I have found some goodies, that will give us a modern day Shabby Chic look, for less!  Let's take a look:)

To begin, I found a wallpaper, that looks like old wold stone.  The detail is very realistic, don't you think?  It's priced at $32.99/roll.

The incredible antique chest, I found  on Etsy from BmadeNew.  It is priced at $351 plus shipping.

The Lamps come as a set of 2, which are priced $215.99 at Overstock

I found the  mirror at Wayfair, priced at $238.00   It has the perfect patina, for our Shabby Chic setting.  

The Decorative Pillows were found on Etsy, from Mazizmuse, priced at $65/ea

The Buste was found on Etsy from Atelierantiquel, priced at $54

I found the Stool at Overstock for $265

And finally these incredible Side Chairs, from Overstock, priced $275/ea

The Copy Catz version comes in at a little under $2000 plus shipping and taxes.  Our Designer room, well let's just say, the price of  the mirror alone, would probably go well beyond, our $2000 completed vignette.
So let's look at them together:)

Our Designer Room Inspiration  & The Copy Catz Rendering

Elise Valdorcia © all rights reserved Baroque  furnitures & objects designer

The Copy Catz Interpretation

You all know how much I LOVE an Eclectic space:)  I'm simply not a matchy, matchy, kind of decorator!  Now don't get me wrong,  we do have to repeat, different elements, subtly,  to create a cohesiveness, throughout the space!   BUT the trick in Eclectic design, is to find the perfect (?)  that will marry the different styles, pattern,etc., in perfect harmony.  My preferred (?) is color and tone.  The finished result is a timeless space, that you will enjoy, for years to come!    

This completes our second room vignette:)  I'm so glad you stopped by,

Until we meet again:)


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home Decorating Ideas, Classic Black and White Design ,by, Blondiesloft&Co.

Hi everyone, have you all had a FUN summer?  I think I've had too much fun:)  It has been non-stop, since April!  Business is picking up and we have had some home projects of our own, that has been keeping us busy!

So, what do you think of our Blog's new look?  I'm excited, it's sorta like buying a brand new pair of shoes.  I'm diggin it, and I hope you do too.

So here is the deal, I haven't made any Blog entries, for a while.  I decided to put it on the back burner, for a while, so I could ponder on exactly just "WHAT" I wanted   to share with you guys, and "HOW" to present it in a way, that you will "GET"it:)   Well we tried the Mood Board thingy( which I do,and ALWAYS will:)), some received it, and others, well not so much, but, that's ok:)  I am determined to help ALL the DIY'ers, Budget-Minded,and everyone in between, achieve the room of their dreams.

Beginning NOW, I will be featuring a designer room, that I will recreate, using budget friendly design items. My goal is to feature 4 drop dead gorgeous rooms, a month, that YES, even YOU can afford:)) How does that sound?

Starting now through the end of September, our theme for the month is none other than classic "Black and White".  You know how I LUV it:)

So let's begin, with this beautiful transitional bedroom above:)

Let's start with the lamps.   Ours has a drum shade, and honestly, I like it better.  You get 2/$135.89

Now what girl doesn't like a little bling in their bedroom, this one is priced at $258.95

The  transitional wall sconces, marry the modern table lamps with the traditional chandelier.  I adore these sconces, priced right at $185.49/ea

The bed I found is pretty close , with the exception of the queen anne legs:) .  It is priced at $1179.00 and it ships free!

Moving on to the Rug, and fabulous Sheers that adorn the windows.

I did try to find a textured sheer, but to no avail!  These however, are simple and elegant.  They will work purrfectly:)  They are priced at an unbelieveable 2/$39.99

Don't you just LOVE the pattern on this rug, and priced at $303.00

The night stands I found, are almost dead on priced at $123.88/ea

Last but not least is the mirror over the bed.  I found a keeper:)  Priced at $259.99

Ok, let's take a looksy at the Designer room, vs., my Copy Catz rendering

Pretty sweet, don't you think??

The Copy Catz room comes in at an unbelievable $2795.57, before taxes and delivery.  The Designer room, well being that it's a stock photo, I don't have the price breakdown, BUT, I promise you, it would push somewhere between $8,000 to $10,000 , easily! 

Can we say Yayyyyyyy:)

One thing to remember, I can recreate, ANY designer room, for ALL, budgets.  If you have an inspiration room, you can purchase a room, here, and I will design a Copy Catz rendering, using budget friendly design items:))

Ok, that's it for this week, I'll  see you next week:)

Until Then,