Pondering on the WORD

On a Hiking Adventure, I was able to capture these Wonderful shots.  The title of the Series is....

                                               " Scripturally Sound".

I Love the Neutral Tone of these shots.  When I received these prints, The Title of each print , came to  mind.  The Title for this piece is "The Path Is Narrow".   The rustic stonewall, mimics the era when Christ possibly walked a similar Path.

"Crossing The Jordan"  is the Title to this print.   A Place of Rest and Serenity.  We all need a Special place where we can Simply Let Go and REST in the Lord.

"Seek and You will FIND" is the Title to this piece.
This Scripture gives me such HOPE. It reminds me, that when I am LOST in the mire of  Doubt, Fear, and Hopelessness,  That at ANY given moment, No matter what,  HE  is there, directing my way to SAFETY.

The twisted elements of the next piece, reminds me of how the Enemy can Distort, Entrap, and Destroy.  The Title "The Devils Snare"

May you Find your Path,  Rest at your Jordan, Seek until you find, and at ALL cost, Avoid the The Devils Snare.

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